Education Choices

If you have questions about choosing the right education for your child, whatever their age and ability, then drop me a message. With many years of experience in placing children, I can help you define the ideal solutions in education to best suit your family.

Additional Needs

If your child has been identified as having Additional Needs, and you would like some help understanding what the external agencies (Health, Social Services, Local Authority) are offering you, and what you might be needing in the way of assistance, in the first instance contact existing charities and support lines who can probably give you the advice you are looking for. You are very welcome to contact me but there is plenty of free information out there, and you should be able to tap into resources, find out about local groups etc, without incurring any costs.


Behaviour Management

Where family life is being seriously disrupted by something beyond playfulness and the odd toddler tantrum, be assured there is plenty of help available. Firstly, please look at charities and support groups, as this route will be free of charge and you may well get to speak to other parents going through similar situations to your own.

However, if you are interested in a home consultation and advice from an expert in childcare and development, with many years working with children and young people presenting with general behavioural issues or Special Educational Needs, I do offer home visits which include an observed session, time to listen to your concerns, and a written report with recommendations.