Meaningful Schooling

A Consultancy for Meaningful Solutions in Education
Director: Amanda Kemp BA (Hons), MontDip, AdvMontDip





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I am a former Head of Preparatory and Kindergarten with experience as Director of Studies in Nursery Teacher Training, and four years as Education Director in an international training provision. I am currently working as Executive Head in London. I have worked as a Troubleshooter and Education Consultant to nurseries and independent settings, as well as providing advice and support to Elective Home Education families. I have many years of experience in Inclusion and SEND provision. As a course provider I have trained professionals and new learners in Montessori Education, English As An Additional Language, Physical Activity Provision in Early Years and Primary Education, and Home Schooling. I have hands on experience in Steiner Settings, Forest School and outdoor learning. I am very experienced in adding value to independent education, in school improvement and broadening a school’s provision.


If you’re looking for
  • support in home schooling
  • advice on choosing the right school for your child
  • support for childminders
  • trouble shooting reports
  • strategies in behaviour management
  • pre-emptive nursery inspections
  • training solutions
  • home schooling curriculum assistance
please do get in touch.