Continued Professional Development


Offering innovative and productive training in


  • Montessori Principles and Practice for Nursery practitioners
  • Teaching English as an Additional Language in the Early Years
  • Maths and Mud: taking the Maths curriculum outdoors
  • Strategies for Inclusion
  • Activity and Sport in the Nursery
  • SEND in Early Years
  • Understanding and Respecting Play
  • Language and Communication in the Under Fives
  • Valuing Boys and Championing Girls
  • What is Froebel Education?
  • Exploring the Steiner Kindergarten Approach
  • Supporting Early Numeracy
  • Outdoor Learning



Also providing tailored courses for your setting to more closely match your specific needs. If you or an inspector have pinpointed a shortfall in your provision or staff training, get in touch and find out how Meaningful Schooling can help.