Montessori training can be brought to your setting in order to train up several members of staff in key areas. As a Head Teacher I know from experience that nurseries and schools can find it difficult or expensive to get staff trained in using the equipment, understanding Montessori philosophy and putting it all into practice.

The 6 hour workshop Montessori In A Nutshell is ideal for apprentices and teaching assistants, who want to get a general overview of this fantastic philosophy. The workshop can also be tailored for parents and nannies who have children just starting out in a Montessori education.




The Full Montessori delivers a full and comprehensive learning experience for multiple nursery staff and works out as a budget option in comparison to college fees.  Delivered across five workshops, the full series of sessions can be scheduled across a term or more, to help you bring the full Montessori curriculum to your setting.

12 hours total attendance per workshop. Each workshop delivered across two days.
Montessori Philosophy
Practical Activities
Certificates of Attendance issued to all attendees. Success in assessed practical activities and written responses required to achieve full Certificate of Achievement.